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Classes I Teach

Below are MJC catalog descriptions and at left are links to the home page for each class.

English 50, Basic Composition and Reading:
This course is designed for students who need to build basic English skills in writing, reading, and thinking. The course includes instruction in writing effective sentences, organizing ideas into paragraphs and essays, ultilizing fundamentals of English syntax, reading academic texts, and building vocabularly. Basic critical thinking and study skills are also emphasized.

English 100, Intensive Reading, Writing, and Reasoning:
This course is the equivalent of taking English 50 and English 101 in one semester.

English 101, Composition and Reading: 
Fundamental skills in reading and writing at the college level. Emphasis on exposition, argument, research, and information competency.

English 103, Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking:
Advanced composition course that focuses on the techniques and principles of argumentative writing. Examines style, diction, inference, evidence, reasoning, and rhetorical strategies of written argument.

English 137, Survey of English Literature to the Late 18th Century:
Survey of English literary history from the Anglo-Saxons to the late eighteenth century with detailed study of the writings of Chaucer, Marlowe, Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton, and others.

English 138, Survey of English Literature: Late 18th Century to Present:
Survey of English literary history from the late eighteenth century to the present with detailed study of the writings of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, Shelley, Tennyson, Woolf, and others.